Berri the Chipmunk

Berri--article image
Gender Female
Species Chipmunk
  • Fur: Gray
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Pink Tank top with the number 69 on the back
  • Pink short shorts


Romantic Interests Conker the Squirrel
Faction Rare Ltd.

Berri is Conker the Squirrel's somewhat dim, yet loving girlfriend and confidant.

Berri's first appearance was in the lesser known game, Conker's Pocket Tales. Planning a surprise party for Conker, Berri is kidnapped by the Evil Acorn, who had jumped out of the cake she had made for Conker. After some adventuring, Conker manages to track down the Evil Acorn, defeat him and reclaim Berri from his grasp.

Berri next appeared in Conker's Bad Fur Day, with a drastically altered appearance. After becoming drunk and lost in the Panther Kingdom, Conker briefly meets Berri in the Rock Solid Nightclub, but before he can get to her, he is abducted by Don Weaso's henchman.

When Conker next meets Berri, it is outside the Feral Reserve Bank. Through unspecified means, Berri came to work under Don Weaso and was in the process of robbing the bank for him.

Sonic Underground RemakeEdit

Berri is one of the best magazine models to ever live. She took a vacation on Coco Island where she met Banjo, Kazooie, Tails, Rodent, her future boyfriend Conker, and Amy Rose (whom had idolized her modeling in most magazines she has). However, Kazooie has big distrust on her, especially when being kidnapped by the Battle Kukuu Army. However, she was rescued. Later on, Berri, noticing a rare snake, got bitten when she rescued Amy from the deadly thing. This prompted the others to find the cure in Mobitransylvania aka Spooky. Later on, she sometimes watches over Tootie when the others are out on their missions, though it can annoy her to some extent.

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