in a Galaxy far away where Games live a War rages on in this world bettwen the four nations Nintendo, Sony, Micosoft and PC these planets will be destroyed if a small band of resistance fights back agenst Sony a battle is raging on at SR388 the Metrioid planet

battle 1 on SR388Edit

Battle At SR388

Combantants:Genome army (Sony) and Galactic Federation (Nintendo)

battle text:

GF trooper:we are taking enemy fire nooooo

The Trooper dies by a Grenade thrown by a Genome trooper near to him

Genome Trooper:hahahaha take that fool

antoher GF Trooper runs back to the nearest command post

GF trooper: sir we a going to lose to battle

GF commander:stand you ground men!!!

GF trooper:yes i shall sir

GF commander:ok Trooper you premoted to Lieutenant

GF Lieutenant:thank you sir

GF commander:now go and take three tropers with you

GF Lieutenant:yes sir troopers lets go

meanwhile at the Genome base


Genome General:um..... ya they did

Liquid Snake:bring out R.E.X

Genome General:yes sir

Back to the GF side

GF Lieutenant:come on men we have the upper hand lets push Through

All GF troopers:CHARGE!!!!

GF Lieutenant:holy S*** what is that nooooooooooo!!!! Retreat!!!!

R.E.X comes and kills all the troopers exept the Lieutenant and two troopers

GF Lieutenant:o my god nooooo!!! that F***ing R.E.X i will destroy it

the Lieutenant radios the commander

GF Lieutenant:sir all exept two of my trrops are dead. sir?

GF commander:*crackles* get off this planet NOW!!!!! *in low sound quality* god damn it noooooo!!!!!!

Gun shots can be heard coming from the radio then the radio shuts off

GF Lieutenant:*sniffles* troopers the commander is dead and the base is desimaed it won't be long before they destroy this planet we hafto get off this planet now too the fleet and tell them what happend we got to go to the Genome base and use a shuttle and get away from here

the two GF troopers:lets go then

the three hike to the enemy base there they see the shuttle

GF Lieutenant:come on lets get on that shuttle

they run Through Light resistance meaning one thing they must have left then they reach the shuttle

GF Lieutenant:can any one fly this thing?

GF trooper:i can sir

GF Lieutenant:then lets get out of here

The three prime the engines and blast off just in time for a Helghast battleship arives

meanwile on the Helghast battleship

Helghast captain:why are we here Jak? what about the sige on Zelnet?

Jak:no matter we will be back on Zelnet within the hour now prep the main cannon for full power

Helghast captain:yes sir

back on the captured shuttle

GF Lieutenant:oh my god they are charging the cannons noooooooooo!!! i hate sony!!!!

the Helghast battleship fires its cannnon at SR388

GF pilot:we hafto go NOW!!!

the shuttle flys off to the fleet

End of chapter

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