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Conker the Squirrel

Age 21 (as established in Conker's Bad Fur Day)
Gender Male
Species Squirrel
  • Fur: Orange
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Blue hoodie
  • Yellow and Blue shoes
  • Green shorts (as established in Conker: Live and Reloaded)


Romantic Interests Berri the Chipmunk
Faction Rare Ltd.

Conker Series FranchiseEdit

Conker the Squirrel was once originally portrayed as the cutesy critter of the Rare franchise. However, when Conker's Bad Fur Day came out, he was rehashed to a drinker with foul language and a hatred to a few characters, especially to people he only met. Near the end of Bad Fur Day and its remake, Live & Reloaded, while eventually becoming King of all the Land, Conker loses the most precious thing he truly treasured: Berri.


A fan fiction by Dark Wobbuffet of It is a continuation of the original game's story.

Crossover FanfictionEdit

Like Tails, Amy, and Rodent, he too lived in Willow Woods. On their first appearance in the series, they saw a blue light (which was Sonic and the others returning to Robotropolis), following it to where they eventually found the Tornado and fixed it up just in time for Tails' 8th birthday. However, Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts, and a creature called the Evil Acorn takes the presents (along with both Amy and Rodent) under Scourge's orders. As they make their way to find their friends, Conker eventually dies and meets the Grim Reaper, Gregg, being given another chance to be brought back to life. With the help of Princess Sally, he with Tails eventually rescue their friends. Later on, Conker meets Berri while staying in Coco Island for vacation. As he does, the island gets attacked by WizPig, Mogul, and the Battle Kukku Army, also encountering both Team Chaotix, and Knuckles with his friends (whom had decided to return to Sonic). During the battle, he, like most of them, gain medallions, ensuring the army was defeated, WizPig was sealed, and saving (and falling for) Berri. Later, when Berri gets poisoned (due to her rescuing Amy), he and the others set off to find the rare plant that could cure her. However, during his and the others' journey there, they encounter the one thought to have been dead, Count Batula (while learning he's a descendant of him). Later on, he helps Tails, Banjo, Kazooie, Amy, and Rodent defeat the evil witch, Gruntilda twice, then after dealing with a werehog Scourge, he with his friends become official Freedom Fighters.

(More to Come)

  • Sonic SatAM Remake & Sonic X Remake

Info coming soon...

External LinksEdit

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  • [2] Conker's page on Wikipedia.

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