Week 1: Master Chief VS Solid SnakeEdit

Solid Snake
The Battle of the Awesome who Shall triumph?

Votes for Master ChiefEdit

  1. Tough choice but Master Chief looks cooler. Herooftwilight
  2. Relyt Of Wisdom--Screw looks, this man is older than Snake, biologically stronger; faster and battle ready, has full body armor, and to top it off, he has been in training since he was a adolescent for a war against an unknown enemy race, while Snake was still suckin' his mommas tits(suckin' on his momma tits was from Xmen2 the movie). Besides, have you even played Halo? Sure you have played MGS, so do I, I own both, and personally know, Halo and all it stands for kicks more anus than MGS
  3. Hmm... Master Chief, hands down. And if you've read the books, he's so much more awesome. JesseRoo

Anonymous votesEdit

Votes for Solid SnakeEdit

  1. He's so much better--Lord link Black Triforce 16:57, 31 August 2008 (UTC)
  2. DragaGotta go with Snake. He gleefully breaks the fourth wall all the time. That gets my vote.

Anonymous votesEdit

Peanut GalleryEdit

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