Goldeneye-Kazooie is a crossover game featuring Goldeneye 007 characters, And Banjo-Kazooie. This game is rated M For Mature created in 2003 For Thye Nintendo Gamecube.


Playable CharactersEdit

Image Name Description
Banjo Banjo Banjo is a honey bear who often likes to save his little sister, Tooty. Banjo is a fast character, And is very strong character.
James Bond James Bond James Bond is often famous for holding a gun, And say his most infamous catchphrase, "I'm Bond, James Bond!" James is a speedy character.
KazooieBreegull Kazooie Kazooie is Banjo's little friend, But often be annoying, And end them up into trouble. Kazooie is a little slow character.
Alec Trevelyan Alec Trevelyan Alec Trevelyan is James Bond's partner in The group 006. Trevelyan is a very fast character.


Banjo & Kazooie is playing the Banjo, And The Kazoo. When suddenly, Gruntilda came, And kidnapped all of The Jiggys. Banjo & Kazooie was chasing her, But Banjo Tripped, And fell into a hole. Kazooie then flew inside the hole To rescue Banjo. But Then, James Bond was killing some zombies. But Then, Banjo fell on James, Then Gruntilda Took James' gun equipment. Banjo Told James That Gruntilda Took Some Jiggys, And Took Them Away. James, And Banjo Team up to save The day from Destruction.