This page is for Professor Von Kripplesac from anybody's continuity!

Professor Von Kripplespac is an insane weasel scientist and one of the main antagonists of the game Conker's Bad Fur Day.

Though much of the Professor's past is unknown (which was later revealed in Conker: Live and Reloaded), what is known is that he was the one who revived the production of the Tediz: killer, robotic teddy bears.


Crossover FanfictionEdit

Sonic and the Head VampireEdit

Ze Professor takes the role of Frankenstein, the creator of his monster, though his personality is based on the Frankenstein in Young Frankenstein. When he is met the first time, he grows atagonistic to everyone due to Dracula (Eggman) forcing him to create his monster minions. However, when the teams of Sonic, Banjo-Kazooie, and Batula do what they can to help him, his attitude toward them changes and he becomes a helpful ally (even though he's unplayable unless hacking is done) and opens an item/weapon shop. He may know a few things about the Twilight Blade and the Keeper of the Twilight (Cream).

Sonic Underground RemakeEdit

What is known about Ze Professor himself in this continuity is that he helped in uniting the original Council of 4. He also had a daughter, Deliah, though she was killed along with Andrix, her husband, during themselves trying to hide their twins. Believing that his grandson was killed, he became somewhat insane, nearly trying to kill his dictator, the Panther King. However, he along with Robotnik (who at the time was visiting the Panther King) used a roboticising gun on parts of him, removed his robotic leg limbs, and used duct tape on his fur, creating huge scabs and wounds as punishment. Believing the SHC is also involved with Robotnik, he resurrected the Tediz that had seemingly died on the night the ARK was shut down while taking up the name of General Von Kriplespac as his alias to fool everyone while he himself (before the invasion) had took the name, Ze Professor. He also plans to overthrow the Panther King to reclaim the throne by any means necessary while continuing to contact to seemingly his only granddaughter, Nic. What he would not know is that he'd learn his grandson, the same one he befriended without knowing who he was, Nack, is also alive and will unknowingly bring Aleena and her children back together to make Robotnik fall...

(More to Come)

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