Skill Update

All Magical Damage Skills do not affect Boss Monsters unfortunately, bringing spellcasters out of their list as they completely ignore magic from players. The magic attack spells listed are:

Fire Bolt, Ice Bolt, Thunder Bolt, Thunder Storm, Fire Wall, Fire Pillar, Meteor Storm, Jupiter's Thunder, Storm Gust, Misty Frost, Lord Of Vermillion, Water Ball, Chain Lightning, Hellfire, Comet, Soul Strike, Napalm Strike, Heaven's Drive, Freezing Mist, Jack Frost, Life Drain, Tetra Vortex, Soul Expansion, Earth Strain, Hell Inferno, Crimson Rock, Fire Ivy...

Mage classes must stay and run away from those pesky boss monsters with magic immunity.

Support Skills do not affect Boss Monsters, with exceptions as they use Monster Skills on themselves.

Monster Scan, Magic Rod, Blessing, AGL UP, Gloria, Magnificat, Endow Elements, Aspersio...

All will not work on boss monsters/bosses, this can make all spellcasters totally useless; they bring them out of their list literally yet unfortunately.

Classes Edit


• Triple Action will now do 6 hits and 300% damage at max level on PVP/WOE, 3 hits/150% damage at max level on PK/PVM/PVE

• Piercing shot will do 200% dmg at level 10 on PK/PVM/PVE has delay on 0.5 secs, 1000% dmg on players at PVP/WOE, no delay.

• Dust level 10 deals 600% damage on PK/PVM/PVE has delay on 0.5 secs, will deal 1000% damage on players at PVP/WOE

• Spread Attack deals at max skill level 200% damage on PK/PVM/PVE, it deals 400% damage on players at PVP/WOE

• Full Buster at max level will deal 2100% damage with half the casting delay on players at PVP/WOE

• Gatling Fever will give you +300% ATK and +500 extra ATK (only during WOE/PVP) at level 10.

• Madness Canceler will give you +250 ATK and +50% attack and move during WOE/PVP.

• Equiping Phen accessorry will make it now uninterruptible. Tracking now deals 4100% damage on players at skill level 10 during WOE/PVP.

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