It is the mix and fanmade Ragnarok game between the addition of Runescape's Evolution of Combat... as the addition.

HP and MP  Edit

All characters should start as novices, HP of 60 and 11 SP multiplied by 120.

Renames. Edit

Skills are renamed to Abilities, AGL is called AGL, SP is called MP.

Cast Time Edit

While a few skills (Gravitation Field, Ganbantein, and Tracking, for example) have a fixed cast time, most skills' cast times can be reduced by upping stats and getting cast time reduction equipment/skills.

Each skill with reduceable cast time has two parts of cast times : a variable cast time and a fixed cast time.

The fixed cast time is always no more or less than 50% of the original cast time and can only be reduced by special skills and special equipment; the variable cast time can be reduced by DEX; it cannot be reduced by more than 50%/ to less than 50%. It will be further reduced with Magic Strings, Suffragium and cast time-reducing equip/cards. Each active skill will have a cooldown and fixed cast.

For Example: A skill with 10 seconds of total cast time has 5 seconds of fixed cast time and 5 seconds of variable cast time.

No matter how much DEX and cast time-reduction equipment you have, you won't be able to make the cast time faster than the fixed cast time (in this case 5 seconds) with normal methods (unless you use special skills like Sacrament or Radius).


Magic Attack Formula Edit

statusMATK = INT + [INT/2] + [DEX/5] + [LUK/3] + [BLvl/4]
statusMDEF = [INT + VIT/5 + DEX/5 + BLv/4]
armorMDEF = MDEF provided by equip (see DEF section for details)

[edit]Upgrade MATK Edit

  • +2 MATK per upgrade for level 1 weapons
  • +3 MATK per upgrade for level 2 weapons
  • +5 MATK per upgrade for level 3 weapons
  • +7 MATK per upgrade for level 4 weapons

[edit]Min Magic Damage Edit

(weaponMATK+upgradeMATK) * 2 + 1.5 * statusMATK * %MATKbonus * 111.5/(111.5+equipMDEF) - statusMDEF

Max Magic Damage Edit

[weaponMATK+upgradeMATK+(wMatk*wLvl)/10] * 2 + 1.5 * statusMATK * %MATKbonus * 111.5/(111.5+equipMDEF) - statusMDEF

[edit]FLEE and HIT Edit

[edit]FLEE Formula Edit

FLEE = LVL + AGI + floor(LUK / 5) + FLEE equips + FLEE skills + 100

[edit]HIT Formula Edit

HIT = LVL + DEX + floor(LUK / 3) + HIT equips + HIT skills + 0

[edit]Dodge Formula Edit

Dodge Rate(%) = 100% - (Attacker's HIT - Defender's FLEE)

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