The Action RPG game features Raziel, first born lieutenant vampire-turned-wraith; and Tails, Sonic's best friend.


Guardians of ReaversEdit

  • Tails, a 8-years-old protègé who loves to tinker with gadgetries. He was abruptly summoned by Raziel and thought he was dead when Kain tries to stab him in the heart, feeding the blood of Tails. but Tails survived and Raziel travels with him to dispose of Kain's New Form.
  • Tails the Werefox, in the newly deveploped side effect of the latest foibles which give Tails the extreme physical transformation called Werefox. his flight has decrease while his speed is maximize in a dash (running on hands and feet), he also gains stretchable arms and brute strength. Tails uncage the lycanthropic weapon within at night but his heart's still the same.
  • Raziel, Formerily a lieutenant of Kain, but due to his accelerated metamorphisis surpassing Kain, agony is a new reward for transgressors. casted and reborn in the abyss, he was now titled as Soul Reaver, the angle of death. Elder God is possible to be a antagonist, but he's possibly not.
  • Univos, a memory unit whose job is to erase the memories of others and replace them. but rebelled, she summon Tails into the Demonic Netherworld and to prove her graditude, she joins Raziel and Tails and aid them with plant-life animation and healing/renewal magic.


  • Dark Kai, the ruling military war general with tactical mastermind, he's the leader of the Kai lineage and the brains of all battle plans for Kain. the one and only wrestling champion who triples his cash prize as a wager for popularity and thousands of currency.
  • Yellow Perlina, the mechanical and technical second-in-command and the only female of the Leadership Court, but she has a secret crush on Tails for unknown reason. This exceptionally skilled mechanic and technician is a heretic due to breaking the oath of high treason and the punishment is to be beheaded
  • Blue Jazzeem, also known as "Nightmare Sabertooth" because of his feral instincts, razor sharp indestructible titanium blades project from his hands and regenerative powers, he is the aggressive captain of the assault troops.
  • Final Kain, in the rebellion action Kain has consume the Xeno Polaris where the ruling militaries and secret polices are led by the Kai lineage. Kain is challenged by all humanoids and intent to enslave and neutralize the resistance.


  • Netherworld
  • Kainquin Tenaxis
  • Spagonia (Sonic Unleashed)