Storypal is a android tablet-based hybrid console that allows you to interact with current character of the game you playing. Plus, as any game's plot progresses, you get special rewards such as Anime Episodes for the Animepal app, books for Readerpal app, and music for Fantasiapal app.



For racing games like Armed Kartz, there is a steering wheel called S-Wheel. And for shooting games like Photon, a S-Blaster would be useful.


It has a custom Android operating system compared to Nintendo Switch's Custom Nvidia system and a custom 'Megaman' CPU compared to PS4's Jaguar CPU. It has no use for Optical Drive so it uses Flash ROM Cartridges or Game Cards. But it still has use for DVDs and Blu-Rays via Flash ROM cartridges. Storypal also has a charging port to put the tablet down and while it charges you can play games, browse on the internet, watch anime, read books, listen to music, etc on the HDTV using the patented Pagelock Controller. When using a kickstand on the back of the tablet and relaxing your muscles, you can watch the game play by itself on autoplay mode. The bundle comes with system, the charging port, HDMI cable; voucher for Animepal limited time free streaming offer, 25 point bonus for SP Shop, and subscription for Storyinformer Digital Magazines for 12 months for 12 points. The Photon Bundle comes with everything and the Photon game. The enhanced HD system will have the experience of IMAX of perfect picture and sound quality and the the close feeling between the story and the game itself.


The key games are Lioknight: Champion of Pridom, Kapuri Legends, Galactibeasts, and Photon. Each protagonist represents a monitor to view your progress for rewards for your starter apps, notifying you on today's scheduling, alerting you if there is a problem like game issues or slowness, and if you are downloading or updating or etc it will check your percentage.