Donovan brothers brawl is a fanfiction game kind of like smash brothers brawl but except diffrent pepole to play as

Playable charachters:


Move 1: Meele punch.

Move 2: (B on wii remote) Chaos spin

Final smash: Sycon.

Captain flamingo:

Move 1: Meele attacks

Move 2: B button Flamingo max!

Move 3: FLAMINGO unleashed FInal smash


Move 1: Paper punch

Move 2: Paper kicks

Final smash: Super paper ball!


Move one: Meele attacks

Move two: Powers of aliens

Final smash: Super Devil doom!

Story: The chaos space ermissary.

So the story starts out as Donovan and friends fight at the Brawl stadium And so Captain Flamingo meets up with Donovan and challenges him to fight! In fight 2' Volt and Donovan/Mepron Both fight Captain flamingo and Lizibeth and affter the fight they see a chaosspace ship!!! You have a choice to fight the primds as Capt. Flamingo' Lizibeth' Mepron/Donovan and Volt! Choose the charachters wisely only 3 of them can be chosen! Meanwhile at the Mobis ship Mobis has smashed open the next project! Diabon! Diabon is the next project of the Mobis fleet! He is the ultimite soruce! Chaos kings have rised over mobis's Fleet! Play as Diabon or Mobis on the ship! While the primds are all done the heroes continue their adventure on for Johnn' The paper boy! All of them are on the case to find Johnn first before the team appears!

To Be continued!

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