PG-13 for violence, mild language, and death

Part Two: The ResistanceEdit

To Protect Woodfall...Edit

Gareth, Sieglinde, Gliepnir, and Vidofnir were waiting in the throne room. "I see you all recieved my message" a voice said. The four Darknuts turned around and saw Vaati walking towards them. They knelt down on one knee in respect. "Now, now, none of that fancy stuff. I've called you four here as friends, not servants. "My Lord?" Sieglinde asked. "I have a favor to ask of you. I'm going to be leaving the city. I have an errand and I will be gone for quite awhile" Vaati explained. "My Lord, now's not the time to be running off by yourself" Gliepnir objected. "I know, but this cannot wait. You four are the only people I can trust. I made a mistake hiring Dark Link. He is dangerous. Kairn and the other Executioners are more loyal to him than me" Vaati confessed. "Why don't you just kill Dark Link?" Gareth asked. "You idiot, he just told us that he wasn't strong enough" Vidofnir said. "Vidofnir's right. Anyway, while I'm gone, I want you four to do the best that you can to protect Woodfall from Dark Link and Kairn. Do whatever you think is neccesary" Vaati instructed. "Yes, my Lord" the four Darknuts replied. "Right. Good luck" Vaati said and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Kakariko VillageEdit

Link, David and the rest of the small army arrived in Kakariko Village two days after leaving Hyrule Castle. They were greeted by Renado, a shaman and also the unnoficial leader of Kakariko. "Link, David it's good to see you again" Renado said and bowed. "It's good to see you too" Link said. "I cannot thank you enough for restoring Kakarikos alliance with the Gorons, and for freeing Hyrule. Now what brings you here with so many knights?" Renado asked. David explained the situation to Renado. "I see. I reret that I am unable to assist you, but there are some old friends of yours here that will most likely aid you" Renado replied. "Who?" asked Link. "They're at the hot springs" Renado said. "Alright. Okay tonight we'll rest here and we'll leave tomorrow" Link told everyone. The knights cheered and walked away. Link and David ran to the hot springs. Skid looked around and saw two kids playing. He grinned and rubbed his hands together.

Old FriendsEdit



The SewersEdit

The Mountain TrailEdit

Goron CityEdit

Strike and RetreatEdit

The Dark CavernsEdit


The Bottomless PitEdit


A Major StrikeEdit

Fresh AirEdit

Race Down the MountainEdit


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