This page is for Tediz from anybody's continuity! The Tediz are large, robotic teddy bears. They are enemies in Conker's Bad Fur Day.

Who first created the Tediz is unknown; what is known is that they were first used during the Milk Wars. These early Tediz, unlike the modern ones seen in Conker's Bad Fur Day, possessed many defect, the most obvious one being that they were made a highly-flammable material and their eyes had a habit of falling off.

Three hundred years after the Milk Wars, the Tediz were re-commissioned by a weasel scientist named "The Professor," who re-designed them and made them more durable.

The Tediz were then used as soldiers by the Professor against the Squirrel High Command in a war, which was started for reasons unknown. They are known to be suicidal, even to the point of pulling out a live stick grenade and charging at their enemies in a kamikaze attack.

During his adventures through the Panther Kingdom, Conker encountered the Tediz several times. He was even forced into infiltrating a Tediz base, which was subsequently destroyed when it self-destructed, destroying hundreds of Tediz soldiers.


Crossover FanfictionEdit

Unggoy / SHC war Edit

When the war started, Professor kriplespac automatically sent Tediz and more weaponry to the unggoy(halo's so called "grunts") to defeat the Squirrel High Command. While the Tediz weren't being used very much by the grunts, the times they were used, they were some of the best the grunts used. Due to the uncanonical endings to the fanon, they either all die at the final battle on the grunt capitol city in balaho, or Killed most of SHC as they attacked their Capitol in a kamikaze surprise attack. After the unggoy ending they all become members of King Gagag's personal army whenever he went on another war

Sonic Underground RemakeEdit

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